Inksplat is actually just me EilĂ­s Rafter, a full-stack web designer & developer, out of the box thinker and all around tech nerd based in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

I have been involved in development for the past 10+, since getting my Honours Bachelor's Degree (First Class Honours) in Computing. I started out first as a member of a Front-End development team, primarily working as a JavaScript developer. I then moved on to freelance web design where I was outsourced projects from agencies.

I started Inksplat in 2018, with the goal to be involved in the website creation process from start to finish and get to see the client's idea come to life first-hand. As such the entire web design and development process provided by Inksplat is 100% in house. This means that your website will be designed, built, maintained and updated by the same person ensuring that every single intricate detail about the structure of your website is always known. Nothing is ever outsourced, I pride myself on being hired to create your ideal website and would never pass it off to someone else to build.

I work mostly with small to medium sized businesses or individuals who are looking to get online for the first time. All of the websites created by myself at Inksplat are fully responsive, unique in design and easy-to-use. All are built with the most current technologies available and using best practices. Being both the designer and developer on any project gives me a expert insight in ensuring that no detail, however small, is overlooked in the transfer from the design to development stage.

When I'm not busy building awesome websites, I spend my spare time building others things, such as WordPress plugins or LEGO and collecting comic books.

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