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Joe Knows

Joe Knows is a new blog and news website specialising in opinions related to sports, politics, films and the general news of the day.

The Challenge

The brief for this website was to create a unique stand alone theme that would be ideal for a blog/news type website. The client also wanted the capability to be able to add their own articles and opinion pieces.

The Solution

As such this website was created using a custom WordPress theme, this allowed the website to have all of the features you would expect from a blog site (category identification, news lists and article pages) but would be unique from the standard layouts currently available from WordPress.

For this website, I created a unique drop down menu which appears from the side. I also changed the category topics to display as icons as opposed to text. For the design I also incorporated triangular elements and a striking yellow colour to draw the attention on all visitors to the website and to ensure it remained memorable to them.

Blogger web design Dublin
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