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Kowalski Brothers

Roller Coaster Engineering

Kowalski Brothers

Founded in 1960 by brothers Robert and John Kowalski, Kowalski Brothers has grown to become the biggest developer and distributor of the newest roller coaster technology.


In the past 46 years we have designed over 500 roller coasters.


Our roller coasters are located in theme parks throughout 31 states.


Our roller coasters can also be found in 18 countries worldwide.

  • Overall Design of Steel Roller Coasters
  • Overall Design of Wooden Roller Coasters
  • Structural Analysis
  • Stress & Fatigue Analysis
  • Electrical Components (Brakes, Drives)
  • Drawings for Track Bending & Rail Pipes

Meet Our Team

Bob Kowalski
Bob Kowalski
John Kowalski
John Kowalski
Steve Kowalski
Nate Kowalski
Tom Aiello
Kevin Smith