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Comic book artist portfolio web design Dublin

Aaron Conley

Aaron Conley is an American artist based in Lakeland, Florida. He is the co-creator both the graphic novel Sabretooth Swordsman with Damon Gentry from Darkhorse Comics and Bully Wars with Skottie Young from Image Comics. In addition to his work with Darkhorse and Image, Aaron has also worked with Marvel, Disney and Warner Brothers among others. He also won the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award in 2014.

For this web design concept, I wanted to create a clean modernistic layout. As such the website is primarily in black and white, with colourless inks by Aaron Conley constituting most of the design. The main feature of this website is that is a parallax side scroller, as all information displays on the screen from right to left at staggered intervals. The website also contains a unique draggable timeline display of all Aaron's artwork.

Comic book artist portfolio web design Dublin
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