E-Commerce Web Design Dublin

E-Commerce Web Design Dublin

At Inksplat, I also specialise in building bespoke shopfront or custom e-commerce solutions as an add on to both web design & development.

Typically I build e-commerce stores using the WooCommerce platform as it is by far the most popular e-commerce platform available, is easily scalable, simple for clients to use and make changes to and is by far the most cost-beneficial solution in comparison to other platforms on the market (It's FREE!).

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100% In House Web Design Dublin

100% In House

When you choose Inksplat, there is a single point of contact between you and the person who will build your website. I take great pride in being chosen by you to build your brand online and don't outsource any of the work. This way you get a guarantee that from the initial discussions, through the design and development stages nothing is ever lost in translation and you get the website that you want and your business needs.

Fast & Flexible Web Design Dublin

Speed & Flexiblity

I don't work for a boss or a company, I work for you and I'm here for you when you need me to be. If you need changes made at any stage during the project they can me made as soon as possible. There's no waiting around to go through the project, manager or other team members or waiting for them all to be back in the office. You want something done now, you got it with Inksplat.

Obsessive compulsive web design Dublin

Obsessive Compulsive Design

At Inksplat, your website and your online brand are my number one priority. I rely heavily on reviews and referrals from my clients and as such I know that all my work has to be my best work. When you choose to work with me on your project, I obsess about every intricate detail of your website to get the design and implementation perfect, so that the website will be what you want, what your business deserves and provide the functionality your customers' needs.

E-Commerce Add-On



  • Shopping cart and checkout process styled to match your brand identity.
  • Payment integration (connection your online store to your stripe, PayPal accounts or setting up for offline payments).
  • Shipping or pick-up (setting up the list of areas you ship to and the charges applied to each).
  • Setup of attributes (such as variations in size, colour etc.)
  • 10 products included.

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If you want to learn how I can help you and your business get online and start selling, click below to fill out the form and let me know a little about your business and what you need help with. Don't want to fill out the form, then you can contact me at info@inksplat.ie instead.

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How long does it take to build a website?


It usually takes between 4-8 weeks to make a website depending on the number of pages needed and the level of functionality that is required. Making the deadline however is incumbent on each individual client having their content ready for the website and providing the necessary feedback.

How much does a website cost?


Unfortunately there is no set answer as to what the final cost for a website will be. Every website that I build is bespoke and built to suit the individual needs of your business. Generally speaking my bespoke web design pricing starts at €1,000 for a simple brochure website, but can be considerable more depending on the number of pages and additional functionality your project will require.

I have received higher quotes than yours. Why is your pricing so low compared to others?


For a number of reasons I'm just a freelancer not an agency and the price that I charge doesn't have to cover the salaries of other team members or overheads.

Secondly I do what I do because I enjoy building websites and helping people get businesses up and running, not to get rich. This allows me to charge what I see as a fair price for the work I carry out and if you check with any of my previous clients that can all attest to the standard of my work.

Will my website work on mobile phones and tablets?


Absolutely, having a mobile-friendly website in a must in 2022. My approach when creating each bespoke website is mobile first design so you can be guaranteed that your website will not only look great but functional perfectly on any device.

What information will you need from me to build my website?


It depends on what type of website you need. Usually the information we need to build your website may consist of;

  • Images, which can be either taken by your or a photographer or you could chose to purchase stock images.
  • Any videos you want to use in the correct format.
  • Text content for each of the pages on the website.
  • Links to your current social media accounts.
  • Testimonials.
  • Product information such as quantities, pricing, imagery etc.
  • Login details for your existing website, hosting etc.

If you already have an existing website most of the needed content is probably already on it and can just be transferred across to the new website.

Do you write the content for the website?


No, I don't know as much about your business as you do and the content for your website will always be better coming from you as you are the expert in that department.

Do I have to pay a deposit or all up front?


For most projects I have a 33% system in place where you pay in three installments at set intervals;

  • Deposit (Paid to start the project).
  • 2nd Installment (Paid on submission of the second set of revisions).
  • Final Installment (Paid on completion of the website, before migration to your server/hosting).

Can I make changes to the website myself once it's launched?


Yes, I can build your website for you using WordPress which will allow you to make any changes you need to the website once it has launched. I can provide you with an instruction manual on how to use your new website so that you can make the necessary changes. I can also provide you with instructional training via zoom if you would prefer.

Do you only create websites with WordPress?


No I do create websites built with static code such as HTML, CSS, PHP etc. But if you need the functionality of a content management system (CMS), WordPress is the only one I use. I use WordPress as my CMS of choice because it is by far the easiest option for my clients to learn and use. I will also provide you with an instruction manual on how to use your new WordPress website and if you get stuck I'm always available to help.

What if I still need help after my website in launched?


I'm here to help as often or as little as you need. If at anytime in the future you need help with anything or just have a question about how something functions, I'm always only an email away.

Can you maintain my website for me?


Of course, every website I built will be made so that you can make all of the changes you need. However if you don't want any of the hassle associated with maintaining your website I do provide an on-going website maintenance service.

Is it absolutely necessary to maintain my website?


Yes it's absolutely necessary to maintain your website. New threats are detected daily and it's vitally important to keep your website up to date so that it can tackle these new threats.

You don't necessarily have to hire a web developer to maintain your website you can do it yourself but if you don't want the hassle of having to maintain your site or should you need help should the worst happen then it's always better to hire a professional to maintain your website.

How does your maintenance package work?


As standard I take bi-weekly backups of your website, check for vulnerabilities and update any plugins that need to be updated.

If you need any additional changes to your website like removing a page, adding a product, changing a price etc. You can send me an email and I will have the change made to your website within 48 hours. Although the turnaround time from request to completion is usually less than 24 hours..

Will my website be down when my site is undergoing maintenance?


Usually your website won't be down during regularly scheduled maintenance. However sometimes some of the changes you need made to your website would require the website going offline for a short amount of time.

Do you have a minimum maintenance contract period?


No there is no contract between us and you're free to leave at any time. If you hire me to carry out ongoing maintenance, I will provide the standard maintenance service (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) as discussed between us until such a time as you notify me that you wish for maintenance to stop.

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