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Cork Whiskey Fest

Cork Whiskey Fest in Cork city's annual three day whiskey extravaganza. Centered on MacCurtain St, in Cork city's historic VQ. Cork Whiskey Fest features over 30 events ranging from whiskey masterclasses to whiskey walks, with Ireland's best known distillers and blenders in attendance.

The Challenge

The clients tasked me with creating a website that was simple in both look and feel. In terms of functionality the website needed to display all of the events available at Cork Whiskey Fest 2023 in a simple and easy to understand manner. The website also needed to have an e-commerce store to sell both the event tickets and festival merchandise.

The Solution

For Cork Whiskey Fest, I created a bespoke WordPress solution which matched what the client was looking for with its simplistic approach. The design used also included events listing page which is unique to Cork Whiskey Fest in terms of layout. In addition to building the e-commerce store setup, I also created and implemented a mailing list and developed a WordPress plugin which makes adding additional events to the website easy.

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